Thursday, May 19, 2016

Zone Stuff

Note:  this past week we had a change in our ward and Bishop Buhler was released as Bishop.  He’s been the bishop for about five years and was the Bishop that interviewed Lloyd for his mission.  So I shared the news with him and this is his reaction.

What?!. That kinda sucks, Brody was awesome. This will certainly be interesting. And well, it sucks, I dont want to come home, it kinda sucks like that. But hey, what can I do. Wow. I guess in two years a lot happens. And thank you for taking care of everything for me, it means a lot. Because it means I can just freak out about my ward and investigators, haha.

Today was cool, we played soccer and capture the flag as a zone. It’s kind of funny, I am spoiling my zone a lot. I make them brownies and cake, I buy them chocolate or stuff like that, which honestly no other zone leader did for me, and I wanted to help them to relax on their only day off. And today I bought them pizza, haha. I feel bad for my comp and the future ZL here, because they are going to be used to getting treats from me that they might rebel against them, haha.

But this week was good, we worked hard and I died, got the flu pretty bad. But we are progressing pretty well with a few investigators that we are sure are going to get baptized. Just working hard and taking care of the zone, it’s pretty awesome. Love you tons, thanks for everything!

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