Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dislocated Tendon

Well, we don’t really have any great stories, didn’t do much this week. We went to the hospital, because I thought that my wrist was dislocating. Well, they looked at it and did some more x rays, and decided that it is a tendon that is jumping the bone and making it all weird. So they said they don’t want to do a surgery right now, because any surgery they do to my wrist is going to restrict the movement. So they told me to wait three months and if it doesn’t go away then I should go back and figure out what to do. And we also went to the temple, it was pretty awesome. And then we just did a pday of our district, and we played a card game where if you lose you have to do a dare, and this time it was that we throw 40 water balloons at you. and it was hilarious, because I didn’t lose. So that was a good time. but yeah, my week was pretty boring, ha-ha. I am doing well, everything is good. Changes are next week, and I am scared for who is going to be my last comp, because I want someone cool, but all the ZLs right now are idiots except my comp and two others. So good times. jaja. 

March Madness

Go ducks!! (It’s March Madness!)*

I am still focusing on only the mission, but it’s easy to be distracted. But we have a lot of stuff to take care of, for example, we are going to meet really quickly right now with three companionships that are fighting, jaja. It’s hard, but it’s going well. Everything is all good. We are contacting and working our butts off.  All is good, I am loving the mission, only falta two more changes, and we are probably going to have two baptisms this week, so that will be awesome. 


Elder Berg

* Yes, I tell Lloyd about how the Ducks are doing.  Two years without sports is hard, so I keep him lightly updated.  Not too much so he doesn't focus, but just enough so he gets a little hometown stuff.  I have the Oregon Rose Bowl DVD ready for him to watch when he gets home.  Nothing better than watching Mariota crush FSU.  Over. and over.  and over.... 

Less Actives

This week was good, we got consejos from pte. All was good. And we started to work really hard in our other half of the area, as the other missionaries got taken out in changes. EVERYONE IS LESS ACTIVE IN THAT AREA. We are doing contacting, and we have a goal of at least 15 contacts every day. Well, we do about 30, because at least half of all our contacts end up with them already being members, they just haven’t been to church in about 20 years. We have a huge family home evening planned for this week, with 20 people from one house. All members. All inactive. One family. Its insaneeee. We have to try to be their friend, and also teach them enough about the gospel and all that so they will want to come to church again.

We have 6 elders who are active. Me and my comp are 2. We went, last week, and visited some less actives, and invited them to church. All 7 came, 2 different families. We told the bishop, hey, go visit people. All they are waiting for is someone showing interest in who they are, what they are doing and they will come. We have found about 70 less actives in about 4 days of contacting and walking around in this area. And we didn’t even know anybody over there. We just showed up and started contacting. So yeah, less actives are a ton of our work right now, and it’s hard, but its good work. ll is good here, me and my comp are working hard, trying to get less actives and investigators to church.