Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 20

Well, another week. They go by so fast now. This week, we are teaching an investigator, and she says that she was really sad this week, but after the lesson, she said she was feeling much happier.  It helps that it was the plan of salvation, full of happiness. So that was great, and she is coming to church, the only problem is committing to a baptism date. She says that she is scared what is going to happen after baptism, as in all the temptations. And we have an appointment to teach her about the gospel, so that should be great as we talk about the Holy Ghost.

And our golden investigator is just awesomesauce. We taught him the plan of salvation, and we asked for his thoughts. He said that it made a lot of sense, especially because we remember nothing because of the veil, and how it is because of some things that babies are pure and don't need to be baptized. I don't quite understand how he got to that conclusion, nevertheless, it's correct. so he continues to be awesome.

And we did service!! We stomped some cockroaches. And by some I mean like 30. We were moving all this stuff for a lady, and then a ton of roaches came out. We found three foot long 2 by 4s, and went destroying. Hahahhahahaha. It was a lot of fun.

Have a wonderful week!!!

  Elder Berg

Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 19

We had a good week, working hard.  We went to my companions old area this week and I met some new people. His old area is huge, we had to take a bus to it, and then while we were in the area, we had to take another bus, just to get to the center, as its 30 mins of walking.

This week we had our first baptism!! It was of a little girl, Nivia, 9 years old, she always goes to church, but she was never baptized when she was 8, so she is now ours. Hahahaha. So that was really cool. We also got in contact with an old investigator, and we answered a lot of her doubts, and she went to church and the baptism, so that was really cool.

We also went to the temple this week! It was awesome,  I love going to the temple. the spirit is so nice.  The only bad thing about it is leaving. just sitting down in the celestial room and thinking about how we have to back to the outside world is not the funnest, as everything is so nice and calm and peaceful.

We are working hard, we are trying to get back together with less actives, as there are about 300+ in our ward, and only have about 90 attending. but a over all a good week.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 18

Things are going well! My comp and I are getting along a little better, but still going on things. And we are working super hard. We have a golden investigator, of all the gold in the world. He is accepting everything, goes to church, prays, reads, and is absolutely awesome. He has a baptism date for the 29th.  This Saturday we have a baptism, as the girl who never could be baptized because her family would always be somewhere is going to be baptized on Saturday, so that will be awesome, and we are working with her. And we are working super hard, just tons of stuff.  A few days last week we left the house an hour early to have some appointments with people.  It’s getting a little frustrating with the less actives, but what can you do, we have to try and help them.

The bishop told the elders and the RR and the youths to have five references each within a month for us, and that will be awesome. We are having a ton of investigators, 7 with baptism dates. They are all youths, but all are really enthusiastic and are doing all the things we are asking, but the only thing is that we will have to talk to their parents, so that should be interesting. But this week we are going to teach them a ton, trying to strengthen them and help them gain a testimony, So that will be fun.

And most important, my soccer skills are improving, so I can almost hang with all the natives.  Almost. And the weeks are absolutely flying by, I can’t really believe it. I hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Con amor,

Elder Berg

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 17

Yay! Same area, so that is ok, and same comp, which kind of is ok. Well, this week was kind of bad. We had no success in anything Tuesday or Wednesday, except for a really good FHE. Basically those two days were just missing appointments and people not wanting to talk to us. So that was really fun. And then on Thursday, we have district meeting, and that was fun, got to hang out with my peeps. Then the rest of Thursday was ok, had I think one appointment of success. And then Friday was bad, no success. And then on Saturday we went with the Hermanas in our district to a few appointments, which was good, but it frustrates me because I want investigators as well as theirs. But then on Sunday we had really bad attendance, and only a FHE that was ok. So this week was just meh. I hope we can have a better one next week. I hope you all have a great and wonderful week!!
Con Amor,
Elder Berg

Week 16

Well, another week, it’s going by pretty fast. Tomorrow we have changes, so I might get transferred, I think it’s about 50-50. Anyway, we are working a lot, just hasn’t really transferred a lot into results in church. We have had a lot of lessons, we have some good investigators, but the issue is getting them to church. This week the attendance was at 90, and a lot of people we invited didn’t come, which really sucked, as we went around on Sunday and tried to find everyone to invite, but not a lot of people came to the door and answered, so just more work this week I guess. We have some more investigators, with some more references coming in this week, so that has been really good, and we have been increasing our lessons with members, which is really important. Not really a lot to report on, hopefully next week brings more news.
Con Amor,

ELder Berg