Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Carnaval Week

The consejos were really weird, because they didn’t really make a lot of sense. It was just a lot of the assistants talking and trying to make various points, no one had any real clue as to what was happening. It was weird. I talked with one of the assistants after, he is one of my friends, as to why it was so weird. He said it was because they were not able to meet with president before the consejos, so they couldn’t whittle down their ideas. But it was good. one of the assistants, who I do not get along with, went home for medical reasons, which sucks, because even though I don’t like him, still sucks to go home on your mission. But it was a good week, we went to the temple, and it was a good time. 

It was also a really bad week, because this week was carnaval, and that means that everyone and the stray dog behind their house goes to the interior, so there is no one outside, so we wander around trying to find people, unsuccessfully. But it was a good time, lots of time to talk to my companion. 

So yeah, not a lot happened, we are preparing for consejos with our zone on Wednesday, it should be good. 

Love you guys!!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Visit from Elder Christensen

As a ZL, we don’t really get the problem cases, and when we know that someone is breaking the rules, we talk to them, and ask them to please do what they know is right, and that they will receive muchas bendiciones. And if they decide to not do anything, then we will probably talk to the mission president. But the only one who we knew had a cell phone gave it to us after we talked to him. And my first consejos with president will be this week, on Wednesday. I am sure they will be really awesome. But this week was awesome. We got to talk to ElderChristensen, a president of the seventy. And he walked into the chapel, and everyone is all, great, this will be pretty good! And then another elder walks in, Elder Alonso. Him of the: I can see your sins, with whom you have done them, and when you did them. Everyone immediately just starts freaking out quietly and started repenting, haha. But it was awesome. And they taught us a lot of things about how we can improve our teaching skills.