Thursday, May 19, 2016


Haha, the mission has actually made me a bit crazier. But this week was pretty cool. I went on divisions with a new guy, and it was good. We were walking around and started talking to this lady who spoke a little of English, and she invited us inside to talk to her. So we started talking and we taught the lesson, and I gave my testimony after. Well, then she said that everyone can see angels, because the lord loves us! Ok. Then she tells us that she has seen an angel. Really? Yup, and that she was at an evangelical camp, and there were 70 pastors going around and preaching and all that jazz. Well, evangelicals around here are kind of obsessed with the whole oil anointing deal. So she says that her hair was drenched in oil, and I alllllllllllllmost said "you needed to take a shower". Took a lot of willpower to not say that. Well, then she says that there was an angel floating on a platform, and it had wings and a trumpet and was flinging oil everywhere, probably would put BP to shame. 

And another day we were going around contacting, and this guy invites us inside, and started to talk to us about his life, and how he used drugs and alcohol and his life was horrible, and now he has quit drugs and has quit drinking, and wants to start coming to church, so that is going to be pretty awesome to be able to teach him. We also had a pretty cool experience because we helped carry a guy’s bag full of liquor bottles, and then we started to teach him. It was a good lesson, and he told us about his brother, who when he was arrested, the police hit him so bad that he lost his eye, and is now suing the city for 500,000 dollars. You could buy a whooooole lot of alcohol with that, haha. 

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