Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Week 24 - Christmas

Merry Christmas!!
This update will be pretty short, not much happened, just some less actives and showing my new comp around the area. But, in the news, we did get a baptism!! I even got to baptize him!! It was awesome. I was scared, super scared, but it ended up being ok. It was difficult, because he broke his foot and had a cast on, so he had to do it kneeling, with me shoving him under the water, but he got under and then out, so it counted. So a good day.
Love you all, and Merry Christmas!!
Con Amor,

Elder Berg

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week 23

I got a new comp! He is amaaaaaazzzingggggggggg. He is awesome. He said that green was his favorite color, and as he was unpacking he put his Nike wallet on his table, and I asked him if he liked Nike, or if he only liked the wallet, and he said that Nike is the only way to go! So I basically found a brother. He is awesome, so awesome. I’m in the same area, and my ZLs are joking with me that I am going to be the ZL this change, because one is leaving in the middle of the change to go home, and I am just like nooooooooooo thanks.

Had a special experience this week.  We were teaching our investigator with two other hermanos in the church, and one asked for a blessing on the house and a personal blessing after the lesson. So we went to his house, and my comp blessed the house, and said that while he did it, he felt hot. Like, really hot. He said that it was weird. And then I gave him the blessing of comfort. And when I finished, he said that three times during the blessing he felt more hands coming on his head. Like, other people were in the room putting their hands on his head. I know that we walk with angels and stuff, but that was really awesome to hear.

Have a great week! Elder berg

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Week 22

Well, last week of the change, so I get a new comp on Wednesday (happy dance of happiness). I would like to say thank you to all the people who wished me happy birthday.  I am now officially old. 20! ughhhhhhhh. 

My birthday was good, I went to a birthday party of a great family, and it was some other dudes birthday, and they were just like, JOINT BIRTHDAY PARTYYYY. And I was like, heck yaaaaaaaaaa. So it was good, tons of food and cake. Literally, there was a plastic tub of rice. Like, 40 pounds of rice, at least. They eat a lot of rice here.

We had a baptism this week, and the guy picked his cousin to do it, who is going on a mission in February. So while they were changing, I came in to the bathroom to check on them, and the cousin vomited. He was reallllllllly nervous. And then in the font, he said all the words, dipped him back, and barely got his back wet. So he had to do it again. He was so insanely nervous that it was funny. The guy who got baptized bore his testimony, and he had been fasting!! He also received the priesthood. But his cousin throwing up was absolutely hilarious. It was a good week. I hope you all have a wonderful week!