Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Week 40

Well then. Well, I have changes. No idea where, but I know I have them. So it will be interesting to find out where I am going. Hope it’s somewhere good.

Well, this week was some of saying goodbye to a lot of people, as I am basically guaranteed to leave, so much time in one area is really rare. It is actually really hard. Not very fun.

However, I have learned that there are three things that taxis here are really good at:

·        They are really good at going very fast
·        They are really good at not getting into accidents for how fast they are going
·        They are REALLY REALLY REALLY good at alllllllllllllllllmost hitting a bunch of cars on the street, including pedestrians, dogs, and anything hittable. But just almost.
Today, we watched a movie called meet the Mormons, it was ok. I would recommend seeing it, was not too bad. 

And I will have much more next week, with a new comp and a new area!

Here's a picture of the Panama temple, and me.

Week 39

Que pedo locos.  Well, I think it is very safe to say that I now talk like a Latino. It is, after all, in my blood. I use their slang and words and all that fun stuff. It’s a lot of fun. it’s also hilarious because words that are normal in a country are swear words in another country, and with all the different countries represented in our zone, almost every p day someone thinks they have been insulted. It’s funny.

Well, this week was really boring, we basically just had a lot of investigators kinda blow us off, which happens. But it was still awesome.

And guys, I don’t care what kind of hole you guys are in, there is always help. Always. Please accept the help of your loved ones, if they are offering it. I am not saying this at anyone in specific, but one of our investigators always says that he will meet with us, and then is always too drunk or drugged to meet. And he wants to change, but always has an excuse. So just accept help.

Everything is possible with the lord, if he is our foundation and our hope. Helaman 5:12

Elder Berg

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 38


There is a summit of the Americas, which was here in panama this week, which was basically a time where the missionary work sucked, because.... the government told everyone to stay in their homes or go to the interior, as they did not want any security risks. They closed three hospitals because of a summit. Three. Panama is crazy. And everyone and their dog and their mother went to the interior, because all Panamanians need is a little itty bitty hint of an excuse to go to the interior, because in the city it is hotter than, uhhhh, I don’t have a good comparison. It’s HOT. So funzies. 

So, at this summit, Obama spoke, Castro spoke, and Maduro spoke. Everyone I talked to said that Obama and Castro were really awesome, and are trying to repair things between their two countries. Awesome. And everyone said that Maduro (president of Venezuela) was really bad, that he was not trying to mend ties with anyone, and was just really bad. Sooooooo

On Sunday, we were walking with a lady to go to her house to eat lunch, and of course we ended up talking about the summit. This lady is from Nicaragua, and like the president of Nicaragua, does not really like the United States. Because she is weird. She started talking about the summit, and said, “I feel so bad for you Elder Berg, that you are from the states". I was surprised. I said "well, I am sorry that I am from the best country on earth, and by being sorry, I am really not sorry." corny, but I was really surprised she said that. And then she goes on by talking about how good Maduro is and all this trash, so we starting arguing a bit, because she thinks that in the states I can get arrested for not liking the government and for saying things against Obama. So I tried to explain that we literally have entire news outlets that hate Obama and people talk all the time about how they don’t or do like Obama, and the government can’t do anything about it. She didn’t really believe me. Oh well. 


And now the love triangleishhh. There is a lady in our ward, who is not super attractive, but is apparently in love with my comp. she is person A. 

Person B is the bff of person A.  She attends another ward

And person C is the lady from above, the Nicaraguan

person A wrote a letter to my comp, and gave it to person B to give to my comp. well, person B read the letter, and did not deliver it to my comp. person B told person C about the letter because B and C are really good friends. Person C told us about the letter. A, apparently, wrote in the letter things that she should not, like "I love you, I need to be with you", stuff like this. Really funny for me, and I tease my comp all the time for this. So. Person B also, apparently, told person A off, and scolded her and told her that my comp is a missionary, and that she shouldn’t do anything like this, and to just leave him be. So, as a response, person A is straight up ignoring my comp, only says hi and then finds an excuse to scurry off. So it’s really funny. 

Also, person A has been in love with many missionaries, at least 5 in the last year and a half. How do I know this? Her aunt tells us, as her aunt tells us everything like that. It’s funny. 

Have a great week!

Elder Berg