Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 54

Interviews with president, and I asked him if I could train, and he said I was on the list!! The only bummer part is that its only four new elders, so the odds are a bit low, but hey, that’s life. And they are also all gringo. :(

My comp and I helped some people move houses this week, was pretty great! And by saying that I helped, I basically supervised and talked to people. Thank you arm!

My comp had to say goodbye to a lot of members this week, as he is probably getting transferred. So a lot of contacting, and a lot of contacting and a lot of saying goodbye. 

We did have a great few lessons with a family that are going to get baptized, it was awesome. We taught them about marriage, as they are not married, and it was fantastic. They are trying to get married, but both of them lost their IDs. So, in Panama, this means about 50 dollars and a lot of hassle to get new ones. So still waiting for that. But after they get them, it should go quickly. 

Love you all, 

Elder Berg

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 53

Welp, one whole year on the mission. It has gone by incredible fast, and I can’t believe that I am still serving the Lord. It’s really awesome, everyone should do it.

This week, we were eating lunch at a gas station, well, lunch before lunch. And then this guy just comes over and gives us 10 dollars! We were shocked, and then he went and just sat down with his friends. So we started to talk to them, and it turns out they are miners and they are from a state close to Costa Rica. So they said that it is better to give to missionaries, because we are serving the Lord. And they were all catholic or evangelist. Was pretty cool, and we got their numbers and passed them to the elders in where they are so they can get taught when they go back.

Also, we got a new investigator named Jose, he is pretty cool. He works with our district counselor, so he agreed to meet us. He is not married, but has 2 kids. And has plenty of time to read all the things we will be giving him, as basically his job is to lay in a hammock under a trailer and be ready to shoot people who trespass. So good times. Where he works, he has to watch over scrap cars, and he had a truck that was involved in a hit and run, and killed the guy. So I have pictures!!

Love you all, have a good week!!

Elder Berg

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 52


I am gonna burn the heck outta that shirt on Thursday.

Well, this week I was contacting with my comp, and found a lady who said that it’s not right that we don’t believe in saints, as they have some kind of power. So, in response we shared a scripture in first Corinthians that says that we can’t worship anyone but god. She didn’t have a response. We have a meeting with her on Friday.

And today, we had a zone p day. We played soccer, and I played with the Latinos. We destroyed. It’s so much easier playing against gringos its crazy. It’s like they are moving in slow motion, it’s insane. I guess that is what happens when you only play against Latinos.

And I did nothing for Fourth of July, no one cares out here.

Oh, and my comp learned something this week. So, my comp has not been in the city, only the interior. And something that he learned this week is that the barbers who cut your hair will also sell you drugs. He learned this when some guy showed up to get his hair cut, but didn’t get his hair cut. Only gave the boss ten bucks, and the boss gave him a little bag, and that was it. And my comp was shocked. And where we are, that happens allllll the time.

Love you all,

Elder berg