Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Week 35

Well, this week was kinda boring. I am staying in my area, and that means nine months by the end of the change, which is good, because we are going to do work and baptize. 

We met with our investigators, the kids, and their mom made us enchiladas from Nicaragua, which were AAAAAMAAAAAAZZZZZINGGGGG. They were like empanadas, but bigger, and filled with corn and meat and amazing deliciousness and it was AWESOME. I almost cried a little. My first non rice and chicken or spaghetti meal in a looong time. 

And i also got my hair cut. If you look up soccer players, its kinda like Ronaldos, but not nearly as awesome. I got the sides pretty short and left the top, so it looks kinda awesome.  I will take a picture later and send it. 

We met with our investigators and they are doing awesome, they are all progressing, and so we are happy. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 34

Well, this week was pretty awesome.

We started out with the sealing, which was incredible. We took a ton of pictures, and it was really beautiful. What we did not know was that they were going to get sealed at 6, and we had gotten there at 4. So my comp and I did a session, then went through with the couple. It was really, really awesome. The president of the temple was super awesome, and the wife was crying, it was really amazing. The temple president talked about eternity, and the wife got a look of a deer caught in the headlights, it was hilarious, but she got through it. And I got to be one of the witnesses! It was only me, my comp, and the stake president there for the priesthood, so the stake president was a witness, and I offered rock paper scissors to my comp for the other witness, but he turned it down, knowing that I would have destroyed him. It was awesome. Great time. 

I was on divisions with my DL (ughhhhh) and we went to a less actives house, like super-duper inactive, for about 8 years. so we went and we talked, and my darn DL kept trying to say that she was terrible for not going to church, while I was trying to be super supportive and trying to tell her that it is all going to be ok, and that the Lord loves her and is waiting for her. I then felt the impression to give her a blessing, and asked her if she would like one, and she said yes. So I give it to her. And man, it was incredible. As soon as I said the requisite beginning, I was basically full of the spirit, and it was all guided by the Spirit. I felt like I was not even there in a room with her and my comp, it was weird. I just knew what to say, and it felt so incredible. I don’t really know how to describe it, but it was absolutely incredible to be guided by the spirit in such a way. So then she said that she would try to go on Sunday to church. After the lesson, we were walking, and my comp said "dude, that was incredible, that was powerful", and I said yeah, it was awesome, but it wasn’t me saying those things, it was the Lord. 

On the same day, we were with our investigator that we are hoping to baptize in a few weeks, she is super positive. We taught her the Plan of Salvation, and it was awesome. She said that the last time we were here, after we left, she was fainting, and she went to the doctor and the doctor said it could be a problem with her heart, so that she had to go to a specialist in two weeks. Well, I felt prompted to offer her a blessing, and we did. it was not the same feeling as the other one, but it was still, "wow", by the spirit, and I blessed her to feel better, and to be healed according to her faith and the will of the Lord, as we can’t really promise a healing, but we can say "if it the will of the Lord" and the like. well, then we prayed, and I told her to pray and she asked to the Lord if what we were teaching was true, and she paused and pondered what she felt during the prayer, as we asked her to do. When she said Amen, I knew that she had received a response. So she knows. And talking after, she said that she felt like she knows it is what she should do, but that she is still tied to Catholicism. I told her that I know that she knows it is true, and she smiled, like, "yeah, I know", and so she said that she would keep praying for help. 

We helped her with painting her house (super awesome therapy for my arm, holding something really helps to strengthen my fingers, even though I felt like my arm was going to fall off after), and she was super surprised when we turned down money, and only asked for some water. And this really helped build more trust. So on Sunday, she went to church, so that was awesome!!

Con Amor, 

Elder Berg

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 33

I GET TO GO TO A SEALING ON THURSDAYYYYY. The family where the dad baptized his son has invited us to their endowment session and sealing on Thursday, so we are super hyped, first one I get to take a part of. It will be awesome sauce. So that is going to be good.
The arm is healing pretty well, still therapy, but hey, that’s what happens when you break both of the bones in your arm ha-ha. 

Also we have been working with a kid, as his family is a reference of a member. Well, on Thursday we went to his house, and met his mom, from whom we were expecting resistance. Well, it’s the kid, who is 15, sister, 13, brother, 12, and so we had to work on the mom. And the mom said to us almost right off the bat, I want them going to this church, can you help them get there? And we are like, YEAAAAHHHH WE CAN. So boo ya.  And the mom is going to try and get another job, because she works Sundays, and she wants to go to church too. So WOOOOOOOO. Great times. 

This week was kind of short, as we were doing a lot of therapy and stuff because my arm is dumb like that. 

Hope you all have a great week!!

Elder Berg