Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 43

Well, another week. 

This week was pretty cool, not really. It was kinda boring. We were traveling a lot, as this area is freaking huge. Like, we can travel an hour in any direction, and still be in our area. Some parts are two hours away. It’s incredible. 

We are working on a teen who has a testimony, goes to church every week, his girlfriend is a member, and still keeps postponing his baptism.  Kinda frustrating. But we are going to get our branch president to talk to him with us and see how it goes. 

On Saturday, there was an activity, where a bunch of youth went to go play soccer. The Hermana’s decided to play with them. Well, one fell down. Hard. On concrete. Scraped her knee up super bad, and then the next day she called us to take her to the hospital and give her a blessing, because her knee was super swollen. Well, then they apparently gave her two huge shots in her butt. We heard her scream from the waiting room. Yikes!

One thing that is kind of funny about where we live is that it is a nice part of town, and the grandma with whom we live, always calls us to walk her home at 8 o’clock or so, because she is so scared she is going to die. It’s kind of ridiculous. And she is a seventh day Adventist, so a little cuckoo. But it’s cool, she makes us food. 

Have a great week!

Elder Berg

Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 42

So, Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, we had another two elders in our house, because they were fighting. and pres said they were going to get (e)mergency changed. and so, because I loved the house I was in, as it had another companionship, I got e changed. woooo!!! 
Now i am in a place that is nice, its a little colder, just like 5 degrees, but its good. and now Iam with an elder , from Guatemala. and so now Iam trying to learn a whole new ward, and our area is absolutely gigantic. so this will be interesting. and this last week was family week, and it ended on Saturday with a sporting day, which was awesome.  On p day here we don't do anything, because my zone is about 2 hours or so wide, so the zone never does anything together. and apparently everyone loved the sport day (basically, everyone loved me!) that they are going to hold another one this Saturday. and another thing, i am kinda becoming addicted to futbol.  Its so much fun.
Well, that is basically all this week, just kind of a stressful week.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Week 41

I got transferred.  We call them changes here.  I am now in an area in the interior, and its awesome. It's still hot, but not as much, and the people are much nicer and there are a lot more trees, and the houses are pretty cool. I live with my comp and two other elders, they are all cool.  Its a branch, of 55 people, but we have a lot of people that we are working on. Its awesome. The place does not have hills, so that is really cool and there are roads that are not clogged by people parking cars all on one side, so that is actually pretty cool. And we are working hard.

My new comp is awesome. He is 6 10, gonna play at BYU after his mission.  He had offers from Ohio state, Michigan State, Florida, UCLA and others. I told him I am happy he is not in the Pac 12. He is super awesome.  He is absolutely hilarious.

And we were walking, and started to talk to an atheist, who plays ball with my comp on Mondays. Well, he asked us if we could talk, and we talked for an hour and a half. He said that he had investigated a ton of religions, but that none were for him. And he asked us some questions that he did not have resolved, such as the two deaths, spiritual and physical. And also about if the people who die without a knowledge of Jesus would be saved, and if we, after this life, remember what happened in this life. And stuff like that. And so we have an appointment with him on Wednesday, and he said that if we can answer his questions and resolve his doubts, he will get baptized. His questions are good, they are questions of a person who has been looking for answers, hasn’t found them anywhere, and is now looking for help. He said that he did a bible study with some orthodox Catholics, and asked about the people who did not get a chance to hear the gospel, and they told him basically tough luck for them, oh well. And he didn’t like that, so he left, as what kind of God would be like that? So we explained the spiritual world. And he also asked about Abraham almost sacrificing his son, and why, so we taught him that it is a similitude of Jesus. He seemed really surprised we could answer, and he said he wants to discuss with us all these questions he has, so we gotta study our butts off. It will be fun. 

Well, have a great week! 

Elder Berg