Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 59

Well, this one is going to be short. We had a lot of meetings two hours away, so this week was a lot of traveling.

We were contacting, and we contacted a purple house. We just started talking, and she said that missionaries had been talking to her, but then they left, one went home to Honduras. So we bear our testimony about Joseph Smith, and then I get a huge feeling from the spirit to invite her to baptism. I have never felt that before, just on a contact. So I invited her, and boom, she accepted, it was awesome.

We also listened to the Nelson broadcast about marriage, because we had dinner in the church that night, and wow. That dude speaks better Spanish than I do!! Absolutely incredible talk.

Nelson also gave a talk to missionaries in Central America, it was awesome. We learned that we need to bring a lot of less actives to the temple. It was a good week.

Love you all,

Elder Berg

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 58

Well, this week was pretty awesome.  We met our goal of contacting at least 100 people.  We do something called an LPE, where we teach a mini lesson. It’s great; we did a 105 of them. 

We taught a family the plan de salvacion, and the mom and dad were really accepting, but the abuela was against it. She said that we need to get baptized when we are babies. We read them Moroni 8. The family, not the abuela, loved it. We are going to go back this Sunday, and hopefully commit them to a fecha to be baptized.  They were really positive. 

This week, we were contacting, and a lady told us that she had seen the missionaries, but in Panama. So anyways, she asks us a few questions, like, do we believe in saints, or the pope, and that kind of stuff. And then she said "I don’t believe in that junk, it’s worthless." Awesome! So we teach her the restoration, and she told us "I believe everything you are saying. It makes so much sense!" Awesome. And then she accepted a fecha to be baptized. So a really great time!

A lot of contacting this week, but it was awesome!!

Hope you all had a great week!!


Elder berg

Friday, August 21, 2015

Week 57

Just working hard, and I finally can trust my comp with teaching lessons, as to start out he didn’t know much. And my Zone Leaders, I hope they are joking, but they said I might become a DL next change. Hope they are joking. They usually are. And they were saying that I might even get up to a ZL. And this is the thing. I don’t want to do that. The only thing I wanted to do on the mission (besides baptize, duh) was to train. Done. Don’t want any more responsibility. But hey, if it comes, I will do it. Yay. 

This week was a lot of fun, a ton of lessons. We were teaching a family, just out contacting, and they invited us in, as they had talked to missionaries before. And we teach them lesson one, the restoration, and then we pull out the book of Mormon, and say we are going to gift one. and the dad was shocked, said that "the other ones only talked about the book of Mormon, but never even showed us one, let alone gift one!" so we are pretty excited for them. and we are finally finding some less actives in our area, and last night shared one of my favorite scriptures ever, 2 Nephi 26: 23-28. We were going to machete them for not going to church in years, but we just talked about love, and how the Lord is always waiting for us. And it was a super awesome lesson, the Spirit was really strong. 

Love you!

Elder Berg