Thursday, May 19, 2016


So, not bragging, because I don’t think I teach super well. But we have DVDs called The District, where it’s a "picture perfect" Mormon missionaries teaching, and all that. Well, my companion told me that I am probably the best teacher he has been with, and I should make one of those videos. Jaja. 

Well, my zone is doing awesome. The goal for the week is always 100 contacts, and we have nine companionships in our zone. Well, this week, we did, as a zone, 1204 contacts, which is super awesome. So I am going to be making them cake and they will be able to throw water balloons at me, jaja. 

This week was really awesome, because we worked a ton with less actives that no one visits. No one does their visits. Nobody. The bishop talks about it, but doesn’t do anything. So we are visiting a ton of people, and a lot of them came on Sunday. And not only that, a few brought friends to church so that we could meet them and teach them. It was awesome. We taught an investigator who received her response in a dream, because she asked God to give her a response to whether she should be baptized or not. Well, in the dream, she was in an out of body experience, and saw Jesus, and Jesus told her to not be afraid, and that she will be ok. The only problem with her baptism is that she lives on a super high hill far away, but we will get her to church. We also are teaching a lot of people that live with members, and there is a house full of kids that are going to church, and they are helping their cousin become ready to get baptized, it’s pretty awesome.

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