Thursday, May 19, 2016


Everything is going really good, the zone is really excited to work. We put a bet on for this week, because our zone was not doing a lot of contacts, and that is a huge focus for the mission right now. So we put a bet, that is everyone in the zone did 100 contacts, I would make brownies. Welp, they did it, and today I made them all brownies. And this week is the same, but if they do it, I make them a cake and they get to throw water balloons at me and my companion. It’s really awesome, because if they do the contacts, then they are guaranteed success. Especially this week, because it was consejos de mision, interviews with president, and zone meetings and a zone service. And they still did the 100. So the next week we are going to raise it up to 1000. We are going to try to be the zone with the highest amount of contacts, and it would be awesome, because all of the other zones have 20 missionaries, and we only have 18, and we are all in the suburbs, so it is really hard, because everyone is at work.
So the week was good.  J

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